Classes at Island Soul Studios

Island Soul Studios is blessed to have a wonderful array of gifted teachers in many different levels and types of yoga and movement to fit almost everyone's needs.


Class prices vary according to each teacher and length of specific class.

Price may range from Free to By Donation to $15

Please consult your teacher for any price breaks or multiple class discounts.

  Covid 19 Safety Measures

Even though Washington is once again 'doing business as normal', we are making every effort we can to teach safely as we reopen our studio.

It has been a challenge to read how to best serve the community, how to keep the studio viable,  and how to keep our staff and students safe.  

This fall we have transitioned from holding only one class a day to allowing multiple classes. Many of these class are kept small by the teacher--4, 6, or 10 students may be the maximum number of students allowed in the classroom. You can find out the number of students in individual classes by contacting the teacher of the class you desire to take. These small numbers allow for greater social distancing in the classroom. Now that the weather has changed, our studio space is fully ventilated and aired out after each class and a state of the art air purifier is busy at work in between classes and through the night.

Here are some of the measures we are taking at this time in order to proceed in this transition:

  • We allow the room to fully ventilate after each class before bringing in another.

  • Our Studio space is ventilated with numerous open windows, ceiling fans, and open doors after each class. In between classes, an air purifier capable of exchanging and cleaning the air in the entire room is running at full capacity. 

  • ALL of our classes are reserved for those who have been vaccinated--both teachers and participants. 

  • Our public yoga and movement classes are limited to ten (10) students maximum at this time.

  • We ask students to bring their own mats and props. We know this is a little bit of a hassle but it allows everyone the security of knowing who has been handling the equipment you're using.

  • We offer alcohol-based sanitizer for the use of students in the class and for cleaning chairs if they are being used in a class.

  • All students are registered for the class they are in. There are no drop-ins entering the class from outside of the teacher's registration base. This allows for quick and easy contact-tracing should anyone using the studio be connected to an active Covid-19 case. To register contact the teacher of your class.

  • In accordance with county mandates, masks are no longer required throughout the studio. Masks are optional.

  • We ask that participants do their part by refraining from coming to class should they not be feeling their best. Please no coughs, sniffles, fevers, etc.

  • Please feel free to talk to your individual instructors about your concerns and how we can help you feel safe in the studio again.

  • Should the need arise, Island Soul Studios, LLC and/or individual teachers reserve the right to cancel classes or transition them into online only classes at any time.

Islanders have worked hard at making the San Juans a Covid free home.  We want to be able to enjoy the benefits of this now and look forward to returning to community with all intentions of keeping it a safe and healthy place. Thank you so much for the part each of you have played in this. As we move farther beyond the threat of the pandemic we hope to  be relaxing these current standards.


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Mondays 11am - 12 noon

Gentle Yoga
Sept 19th-Oct 31st
Class resumes inDecember


A gentle adaptive class using breath directed movement to create ease in the body and mind.  All levels. $12 

This is a vaccinated class.


Registration Required
      Please Contact

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With TARA 



Core N' Restore
Gentle Yoga

Expansive, relaxing Restorative poses are integrated into a gentle class that focuses on increasing hip and pelvic stability, strength, and alignment. Restorative Yoga is about receiving the pose. Active yoga is about doing the pose. This balanced class can help you increase strength in addition to decreasing stress. Props and sandbags support all restorativeposes.


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Class  on Hold

Therapeutic Yoga
All Levels



This gentle Therapeutic Yoga class is designed to strengthen postural alignment and joint integrity with a practice that balances gentle repetitive movement and a deep exploration of our body's natural  alignment. An ideal class for beginners as well as those living with injury, illness or aging. This class utilizes chair yoga as well as therapeutic yoga techniques in standing, prone, and reclined postures. Sequences from Viniyoga, Yoga for Arthritis, and other yoga therapy lineages will be integrated throughout the class.

$12 per class, $10 with punchcard.

This is a vaccinated class.



Tuesdays 5:15 – 6:15 pm


Experience the healing power of yoga in this gentle Level One class designed for those who are new to yoga or those looking for a slow-paced, instructional class. Stretch and soothe as you learn the fundamentals of basic yoga postures and breathing practices in a supportive, non-competitive and welcoming atmosphere. Yoga mats and props provided. All are welcome!

Drop-in $12   

Class punch card $10 per class  

For more information, please contact Bella at or call 206-458-0286 to confirm schedule. Note: there will be occasional class cancellations. 

   In-studio or Online

Silver Swans

 Basic and gentle ballet class for older adults. Improve your mobility, posture, stability, and balance with this movement class that has been specially designed for older adults

Rediscover your love for ballet or find it for the first time!

$100 for 5 week series or $20 per class

$75 for Zoomers or $15 per class


  Registration Required
       Please Contact
Begins January 2022

Emily Anton


       Check out Emily's Website at


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Gentle Yoga
11 am - 12 noon
You must pre-register for this course


A gentle adaptive class using breath directed movement to create ease in the body and mind.  All levels. $12 

This is a vaccinated class.


Registration Required
      Please Contact


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Hatha Flow


This will be a flow class, combining breath awareness meditation and traditional Hatha asanas. We will take our time attending to the alignment of each posture, eventually connecting breath to movement and flowing to musical beats through a sequence of postures. A new peak pose will be introduced and instructed each class.


If you are interested in a Saturday Morning class

please contact Tara below.

All the best to Miriam in her new home in Nicaragua! 

  Registration Required
       Please Contact

Tara Moghadam
(360) 298-1632